Ready to Shine?

Shine was founded in 1997 by Software Developers for Software Developers, and has since grown to include UX/Designers and DevOps Engineers.

We don't have fancy "mission" and "vision" statements. Shine exists to create a culture and environment for people who are passionate about technology to deliver excellence in software and business outcomes for our clients.

Shine has a deeply technical culture. We love learning and sharing our experiences with each other, our clients and software communities. We provide time and incentives for our people to share via our blog, regular forums in our office, usually accompanied by pizza and beer, as well as presenting at meet-ups and conferences.

That's why you find Shiners featured in videos with Google, forums and case studies with Amazon and tweets from technology innovators. Our Technical Excellence Leadership (TEL) group ensures that we are early adopters and history-makers in applying new technologies to help our clients improve their businesses.

Don't just take our word for it though, here are some insights directly from our team members, gathered during the 2015 Aon Hewitt Engagement Survey. Shine scored 75% engagement in this survey, described by Aon Hewitt as "the best first-year survey result [they've] ever seen".

"Senior leadership treats employees as this organisation's most valued asset" - 87%

"My colleagues work together to achieve our goals" - 98%

"We have a work environment that is open and accepts individual differences" - 91%

"I am proud to be part of this organisation" - 84%

"The balance between my work and personal commitments is right for me" - 82%

In the words of Graham Polley, one of our team members "I love working at Shine for the passionate people who I can have a beer with, having a boss who understands what I do, technically, and stretches me by providing learning opportunities, and the Technical Excellence Leadership group"

Your career is waiting

Are you willing to make it happen?

Shine has a lot of expectations. Expect to use new technology for cutting edge applications. Expect to be challenged. Expect to be listened to. Expect to have responsibility and flexibility. Above all expect a career where success will be defined by what you make of it.

At Shine we have a passion for excellence. We expect you do too. If this is pushing your buttons - take the next step. All you need to do is contact us.

Available roles at Shine

Shine is seeking to fill the following roles. If you want to excel, build upon and be acknowledged for your technical experience, please read on.

DevOps Engineer - Windows Sysadmin background

Shine is seeking a DevOps Engineer with a strong Windows sysadmin background in sizable organisations and a passion for automating everything.

Download our DevOps Engineer - Windows Sysadmin background role description to learn more.

Frontend Developer

Shine is seeking a developer with a strong frontend software development/technical background across multiple business contexts, languages (primarily Javascript), and environments.

Download our Frontend Developer role description to learn more.

Backend Developer

Shine is seeking three developers with strong backend software development/technical backgrounds across multiple business contexts, languages (primarily Java), and environments.

Download our Backend Developer role description to learn more.

Graduate Developer

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate outstanding passion for technology and how they deliver excellence.

Download our Graduate Developer role description to learn more.

Graduate Frontend Developer - Teamstuff

Are you a graduate developer with a focus on frontend developement? Can you demonstrate a passion for technology and delivering excellence?

Download our Graduate Frontend Developer role description to learn more.