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It's 8pm on a Friday night. You are still at work developing software at one of the major Consultancies or a Blue Chip. You just cancelled dinner with friends. Again. Your first day off in a month looks doubtful. Your deadline just got moved - forward. As if you needed the pressure.

You console yourself with the fact that you are doing great work, even if you aren't getting the recognition you deserve. Or the time to do the job you know you are capable of. If only you had more time, more recognition, more support, more training. And a life...

Your career is waiting

Are you willing to make it happen?

Shine has a lot of expectations. Expect to use new technology for cutting edge applications. Expect to be challenged. Expect to be listened to. Expect to have responsibility and flexibility. Above all expect a career where success will be defined by what you make of it.

At Shine we have a passion for excellence. We expect you do too. If this is pushing your buttons - take the next step. All you need to do is contact us.

Available roles at Shine

Shine is seeking to fill the following roles. If you want to excel, build upon and be acknowledged for your technical experience, please read on.

Frontend Developer

Shine is seeking a developer with a strong frontend software development/technical background across multiple business contexts, languages (primarily Javascript), and environments.

Download our Frontend Developer role description to learn more.

Backend Developer

Shine is seeking three developers with strong backend software development/technical backgrounds across multiple business contexts, languages (primarily Java), and environments.

Download our Backend Developer role description to learn more.

Graduate Developer

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate outstanding passion for technology and how they deliver excellence.

Download our Graduate Developer role description to learn more.

The benefits of working at Shine

We understand that the main asset a consulting company has is its people. We can't afford to have bad staff, so we don't hire them. We can't afford to lose our good staff, either.

That's why we work hard to retain every staff member we have. To do this, we try to make sure that nothing gets in the way of letting you do the best job you can. Here's how:

If this sounds like the sort of company you have always dreamed about, then contact us. You never know, your next career may be waiting for you.