NBV - Network Billing Validation

Are you managing your network charges?

As a retailer you’re the face of the industry. One of your important roles is to hide the complexity of the energy industry from your retail customers. This is terrific for your customers but means you have to deal with the complexity.

Network Settlements (or NUOS Settlements), are one of those complexities. In fact, there’s a pretty strong argument that NUOS Settlements are the single most complicated settlement process you’ll face. And the most expensive since the network component will account for more than 50% of your bill.

Why so complex? Well firstly the country is governed by a host of different, yet similar NUOS Settlements standards. Each of them have their own positives and their own negatives. This might be the way they pay charges, or the way they dispute. And of course the gas standards are completely different to electricity. Either way, this settlement process is different for every state you operate in and different within states by commodity. Each of these rule sets can be in excess of 100+ pages!

The good news. NBV handles all this complexity for you. And further, it is the defacto industry standard for NUOS settlements in the country. We’ve got all types of retailers supported, from small through to the super giants (all of them).

We’re not an overnight success. We started with NBV in 2001. That means for anything you’re experiencing there’s a good chance that we, or one of our retailers, has experienced it too. And found the solution!

The markets that we cover right now, out of the box are:

But network settlements is a lot more than just B2B compliance with the markets. It’s vital that NBV can make the right decisions on your network charges. It’s vital that we can help you understand how well this process is working. And it’s vital that it can obey your tolerances, your needs and use your data.

NBV has a remarkable capacity to implement your validation requirements, one of the key components. And that shouldn’t be a surprise – we have more than 10 different installations and we have many years of experience behind us.

And then there’s process. The best practice from our retailers ends up embedded in the product. And get’s discussed each year at the User’s Group. Then there’s our industry leading support team. We can partner with you in optimising your NUOS Settlements process, not just give you a piece of software.

NBM - Network Billing Management

Are you optimising your cash flow? The NBM™ application assists electricity networks to manage their network billing. It takes networks bills created in billing engines, and manages the communication process with the retailers to ensure that the network is paid the right amount at the right time.

MRS - Market Reconcilliation System

The MRS™ application assists electricity retailers in reconciling their wholesale electricity settlement data with AEMO. MRS loads Retailer usage data, profiling it where necessary using AEMO published load profiles and then reconciles it with AEMO settlement data, highlighting any discrepancies to provide an effective wholesale settlements reconciliation tool.

MRS also uses the latest distributed processing from Terracotta™ to efficiently handle the large data volumes involved in wholesale electricity settlements.